Here’s to you, Mama K

I’m not at all experienced in the realm of motherhood…aside from being the second eldest sibling, which in my case…requires a degree or two of motherly instinct from time to time, but I can say, I am beyond experienced in what it means to be the daughter of a superlative mother. An encounter, which is probably more accurately described as the highest of all privileges. Today is Mother’s Day and naturally, I find myself at a loss to properly disclose how grateful I am to my mom… so after being the daughter of one for nearly 24 years…. I will attempt to explain to you just 10 breviloquent points, what I see, defines a great mom.

1. An excellent mother is self sacrificing. She fully encompasses the definition of love and thus constantly puts her children’s desires, wants and needs above her own.

2. An excellent mother is gracious, patient & faithful. No matter what direction her children decide to turn, she is gracious in giving advice, faithful in the fact that The Good Lord loves them even more than she does (& will protect them always), and is patient in awaiting their return into her loving arms.

3. An excellent mother wakes up every day reminding herself that God entrusted SHE of all people in the world to be the care taker and character molder of her children- even when it’s her 20th load of laundry that week and her 2 youngest are screaming toddler obscenities in the back room.

4. An excellent mother let’s go even when every fiber of her being is telling her to squeeze tight.

5. An excellent mother knows that, although less popular, the road less travelled reaps deeper rewards. She’s learned many times over and commits her life to teaching her children the same is true. Life is full of difficult decisions, but remember- the world does not own you, so don’t let it make your decisions for you.

6. An excellent mother is a shoulder to cry on, no matter the distance or hour of the night. She masters the art of listening and the true definition of support.

7. An excellent mother presses on understanding that the fruit of her labor may not be seen for decades at a time (if at all), but, still, that doesn’t stop her.

8. An excellent mother teaches her children that life is too short to take yourself too seriously. It’s charming to not be always put together and it’s ok that, although obvious, people know you aren’t “perfect”- authenticity is a dying art.

9. An excellent mother teaches her children about Jesus’s love and assures them of His grand purpose for their lives. She prays for them relentlessly.

And lastly…

10. An excellent mother teaches her children that leftover peanut butter on your knife doesn’t belong scraped onto the edge of the peanut butter jar. Because after all, who would want to make a sandwich out of that anyway.

Happiest of Mother’s Days, Mama K . YOU are an excellent mother and I love you with all my heart.

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